The Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra  is quite a young team from St. Petersburg. These are 16 musicians who immediately proved  themselves as a powerful live band. Its leaders are two sax - Kyril Bubyakin and Serge Bogdanov. They have managed  togather the best young  musicians of the city including Yuri Bogatyrev,Andrey Blinchevskiy and Andrey Zimovets and Alexey Dmitriev, Nikolai  Zatolochniy and Yegor Krukovskih, Alex Kozlov and Roman Kwachev. Each one is not only a high-class musician, but also a brilliant personality, bringing a unique and individual voice to the overall sound. The orchestra’s musicians are also members of other, stylistically diverse,  musical groups. These include: Ensemble of  Jazz Philharmonic Hall, Classic Jazz Trio, Aquarium,Assai and Che Morale, Saxophones of St. Petersburg and Jazz Inside.

 Their first performance took place in January 2009 at the concert dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of The Jazz  Philharmonic Hall. Two stars of Russian jazz David Goloschekin  and Igor Butman played together with the orchestra. 

 Apart from the monthly concerts in the Jazz Philharmonic, where David Goloshchekin is a frequent guest , the orchestra appears on various stages in Saint Petersburg and other cities

    The Big Hall 

         of the 



  The Small Hall

             of the

St. Philharmonic

Igor Butman’s

   Jazz Club




Jazz at the Palace


  The White Hall


Politech University


The Kolomenskaya

   Theater Center  


Tavricheskiy Palace 

The JFC Jazz Club 

Kvadrat Jazz Club


Krasnojarsk Philharmonic

Tihvin Philharmonic

 The team had the honor to open Herbie Hancock’s master class at the Hermitage Theatre and perform Vladimir Feiertag‘s arrangements at his jubilee concert at the St. Petersburg Capella. 

 In addition to their independent programs  Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra performs with guest soloists. Guests of the orchestra have included: English vocalist John Downs with a program dedicated to Frank Sinatra, New York musicians : trumpeter Valery Ponomarev with a tribute to Art Blakey’s  Jazz Messengers,saxman Steve Grossman and drummer Jason Brown, the  arranger and composer from Stockholm Mats Holmqvist. Also very special guest on the JP Orchestra concerts - Ilya Lushtak - one of the best guitar players in New York.       


 The Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra  continues the tradition of such famous orchestras as Thad Jones-Mel Lewis, Count Basie, Quincy Jones, Rob McConnell.  They also perform original arrangements of jazz standards and works by Russian composers and original compositions from Petersburg jazz musicians, Gennady Golstein and Ruslan Khain. These original scores give the orchestra their own musical voice and take a special place in their program. 

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Дворец Белосельских-Белозерских

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   Фестиваль "Блюз в дельте Невы"





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