At last,a big band, capable of offering both a vivid mastery and stylish arrangements, along with real swing, has appeared in St. Petersburg. And all this is being done by young musicians aged 25 to 30! 

 The debut album includes primarily compositions of residents of St. Petersburg: - four tunes of Gennady Golshtein and orchestral versions of hard bop tunes of other natives of St. Petersburg – current Muscovite Alexander Berenson and Ruslan Khain (New York, USA).

 It is also worth noting an unusual version of the famous “Evening Song” by Vasily Solovjev-Sedov.

 The Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra is completely a modern band. In the orchestra there is no separation between frontmen and sidemen. Everyone can improvise. It’s another thing that the debut album of the orchestra features mostly more experienced musicians and invited guests – David Goloschokin and Igor Butman (worth noting, also a resident of    

St. Petersburg) – wonderful soloists, worthily filling out the overall sound picture. 

 I hope that music fans will pay attention to the debut album of this revived northern capital big band!!!

                                                                    Vladimir FEYERTAG,


                                                                    honored worker of arts of Russia

"This is a very powerful band, and this is a very good album.     

     This is - jazz fundamentalism."

                                           Konstantin Volkov, ""



"This record is crazy!
A perfection , a dream,a voyage!
The writing of Serge Bogdanov is marvelous of maestria, imagination and delightful harmonic ideas.
And what a band!
It was time this big band exist, at last!
Thank you for this marvelous release!"
               Jean-Loup Longnon , trumpet,composer and arranger (France)




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